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What is Haute Couture?

Haute couture officially started in the 18th century when Rose Bertin, Minister of Fashion to Marie Antoinette, became the first designer to ever make couture popular. Then Charles Frederick Worth, who became the first modern couturier, started the world-wide movement of a new form of art, haute couture. He changed how dressmaking was originally made by making the first ever fashion shows displayed in his couture house. After the shows, the clients would pick a model, select the fabrics and colors, and a custom-made duplication was made for them.
Following Worth’s footsteps, new designers Lanvin, Christian Dior, Gabrielle Chanel, and Cristobal Balenciaga opened their own ateliers, or couture houses. Ironically, modern couture flourished in the postwar period, after the immense popular attraction of Christian Dior’s New Look from 1947. Designers not only innovated in the dressmaking techniques but also added a strong factor to haute couture, tailoring. With this combination, the designers could easily take techniques for menswear and apply it into dresses, making couture even more interesting and comfortable.

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